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Unifi business card layouts


Creating a brand is more than just creating a logo. Unifi, a cloud-based management program, needed to tell the users a story at first glance – a simple interface with modern technology, and unity within a business community. Using modular motifs pulled from our custom logo, we created a visual sense of interconnectedness with each asset, informing direction and purpose as a whole. Unifi’s brand package included a full brand manual, business cards, and website design/development.

Unifi branded login screen mockup
Unify Business Cards mockup
website layouts shown on laptop screens



Stash It brand manual

Stash It

This new Storage Unit Company wanted to have some fun with their new brand. Their idea was to create a dynamic space for people to store their things AND hang out in style. Each unit had the opportunity to transform into a bar, a food truck, a living space, etc. After a few brainstorming sessions and presentation decks, we came up with the name “Stash It Storage.” The logo was created using a mixture of illustration, custom type, and vectored textures.

SECAC logo
SECAC laniard options
Tote bag image
SECAC logo
Instrumental Ensemble Series
Instrumental Ensemble Series Social Media layouts

Ryrob Blog

Blog layout graphic
Blog layout graphic
Uncommon James brand manual